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About Us

As a parent living in a busy city, I'm concerned about the negative effects of air pollution on my daughter's health.

There are now daily news reports of the damage to our health caused by air pollution and with every new study, the evidence gets stronger.

There is only so much government can do and air quality is not going to get better quickly.

We need to find a way to protect ourselves and our families from the harmful effects of the air we breathe.

Exposure can be reduced by 50% just by adjusting the route we take to work, school or nursery.

I looked at what was available and there was nothing that would simply show me the air quality when I wanted - whether that was at home, walking to work, or on the bus. I also don’t want to have to get my phone out of my pocket every time I want to see the air quality, especially on the streets of London.

This is what prompted me to develop the BREATHE|Smart monitor. The world’s smallest particulate (PM2.5) pollution monitor,

Chris Turner, Founder, BREATHE Tech Ltd.