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Introducing Airmonitor Plus: Breathe Better, Live Better

We're thrilled to unveil the future of air quality monitoring with our
new product, BREATHE Airmonitor Plus - a smart air quality monitor
designed to transform the way you breathe!

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  • Comprehensive Air Quality Monitoring

    This device goes beyond the basics, measuring PM1, PM2.5, PM10, TVOC, CO2, HCHO, Temperature, and Humidity. This approach ensures you have a complete grasp of the factors influencing your indoor air quality.

  • Remote Monitoring via Breathe Tech App

    Stay connected to your indoor environment no matter where you are. Through the Breathe Tech App, you can access real-time data, receive instant alerts, and enjoy peace of mind from the palm of your hand.

  • User-Friendly Display

    The easy-to-read interface provides instant access to vital air quality information. No need to decipher complex data – our user-friendly design ensures that you can effortlessly comprehend and act upon the information provided.

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Breathe Tech App

• Access real-time data & receive instant alerts

• View patterns & trends over time through easy-to-read graphs

• Connect up to 200 devices to have a centralized view of multiple spaces

• Easily export up to 30 days of stored data for in-depth analysis

• Free forever

  • Pollution

    Almost everyone around the world breathes in dirty air each day. This can lead to serious health problems, like lung and heart disease, and can even affect brain growth, mood, and pregnancy.

    That's where BREATHE Airmonitor Plus comes in. It's like your personal air watchdog, letting you know when the air gets worse.

  • Virus Risk

    Infectious people exhale airborne viruses at the same time as they exhale carbon dioxide, therefore CO2 can serve as a proxy for the number of viruses in the air and the risk of transmission.

    BREATHE Airmonitor Plus's accurate NDIR C02 sensor alerts you when levels increase so you know when to ventilate to stay safe.

  • Wildfires

    Particulate matter (PM) pollution is a principal public health threat from short-and longer-term
    exposure to wildfire smoke, causing persistent coughing, phlegm, wheezing, and difficulty breathing. 

    BREATHE Airmonitor Plus can warn you when particulate matter levels in your air rise so you can take avoiding action to reduce your risk.

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  • High levels of CO2 can cause discomfort, fatigue, and impaired cognitive function, emphasizing the need for proper ventilation.

  • Fine particulate matter poses risks to respiratory and cardiovascular health, so monitoring PM levels in the home is essential.

  • Total Volatile Organic Compounds can cause respiratory issues and adverse health effects. Monitoring and reducing TVOC levels are essential for well-being.

  • Maintaining optimal levels of humidity prevents mold growth, reduces respiratory issues, and ensures a comfortable and safe living environment.

  • Proper temperature control ensures comfort, prevents mold growth, and minimizes indoor pollutants.

  • Formaldehyde (HCHO) is a hazardous air pollutant, causing respiratory irritation, eye discomfort, and long-term health risks.

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