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BREATHE Airmonitor Plus 3 Pack

BREATHE Airmonitor Plus 3 Pack

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Airmonitor Plus from BREATHE is your key to promoting health, safety, and well-being at home.


Comprehensive Air Quality Monitoring: Accurate sensors for PM1, PM2.5, PM10, TVOC, CO2, HCHO, Temperature, and Humidity in one compact device.

Breathe Tech App: Access real-time data, receive instant alerts, and enjoy peace of mind from the palm of your hand.

User-Friendly Display: The easy-to-read interface provides instant access to vital air quality information.


  • Promote Health at Home: Identify and address potential issues before they become a threat, ensuring a healthy living environment for your loved ones.
  • Enhanced Safety and Comfort: Airmonitor Plus helps you create a safe haven by providing real-time insights into air quality.
  • Boost Focus and Productivity: Be aware of elevated CO2 levels and take steps to maintain peak productivity in your home office or study space.
  • Optimize Indoor Air Quality: Take control of your indoor environment for improved health and increased productivity.

Invest in the future of indoor air quality BREATHE Airmonitor Plus. Your path to a healthier, safer, and more comfortable home starts here.

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